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Fare well, Reverend Jide

We say farewell to volunteer chaplain, Rev. Jide Macaulay, as he begins his new mission as chaplain at St Peters House, the chaplaincy of Manchester's Universities.

We asked Jide to reflect upon his time at Mildmay:

"It was April 2019 that I joined Mildmay as a Volunteer Chaplain, I was full of energy and excited about the potential of working with an organisation that is central to the true meaning of healing the sick. I learnt about Mildmay and its impact from the 1980s when Princess Diana visited people living with HIV and dying of AIDS.

I have always wanted to give back not just as a gay man, but as Anglican Priest, myself living with HIV since 2003, to provide pastoral care and support for those who may find their diagnosis and illness with HIV terrifying.

There is no doubt about the importance and impact of Mildmay on the lives of the community they serve, in England and abroad. The level and standard of health care for patients, their families and staff in my opinion is first class. Healthcare provision is specialist and it is indeed an honour to work alongside so many gifted people.

I worked at Mildmay UK, with an amazing Chaplaincy Team, management, hospitality Staff, and nurses who care for each other in the workplace. I am very grateful to all people who built me, encouraged and nurtured my ministerial gifts, I am reassured of all the possibilities in my mission.

I begin a new chapter in June with St Peter's House Chaplaincy with responsibilities in the capacity of University Chaplain, supporting students, the local community and staff population. I do not wish to say goodbye as it is my hope that I can leave my post as a volunteer open until such a time that I can return and play a part.

I am truly grateful to Sister Bernie (Lead Chaplain) and Geoff Coleman (Chief Executive) for their warmth and kindness."

Jide Macaulay

Founder & CEO - House Of Rainbow CIC

Winner nOSCARS ​2017​ - ​Black African Caribbean Award,​ Board of Trustee - Kaleidoscope Trust UK, Reformer - The Reformation Project, Children's Champion - AFRUCA,

Chairperson - INERELA+ Europe,

Twitter @revjide, @houseofrainbow Instagram @jidemacaulay

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1 Comment

Apr 26, 2022

May God bless you on your journey!

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