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Environmental Health Inspection

Food safety inspection - 5 stars!

Our hospital's kitchen was inspected by Tower Hamlets Environmental Health on Tuesday.

The inspection was unannounced and we are extremely proud and delighted to tell you that we were once again awarded 5 stars! Huge thanks to Obi, Betsey, Roda, Clive, Pillay and all of the Estates & Facilities Team.

Food Safety Teams carry out regular checks on all food premises to ensure the public is protected and that high standards are maintained. This includes all food premises where food is handled, prepared, or stored - whether money is exchanged or not.

Businesses are not pre-warned about impending spot checks; these are scheduled according to the degree of potential risk ensuring high-risk premises are visited more frequently.

Visits include:

  • legal compliance checks

  • identifying potential food risks - structure, practices, hygiene etc

  • checking managers and food handlers are fully trained

  • checking compliance with allergens information and general food labelling

  • assessing the cleanliness of the premises and equipment

  • verifying the type of food handled

  • sampling.



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