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Easter Sunday 2024

Vintage image of Easter chicks with the slogan, 'A Joyful Easter'

Easter transcends the simple historical account of Jesus' return from the dead. It signifies a transformative power that can touch every aspect of our lives, a promise that darkness does not prevail, that new beginnings lie beyond suffering, and that love conquers all.

Here at Mildmay, we celebrate the culmination of Holy Week, a time of reflection that culminates in the most profound message of Christianity: resurrection and hope. We witness the daily struggle against illness. Yet, amidst the challenges, we also see extraordinary resilience. We see patients finding strength in faith, families drawing comfort from one another, and our dedicated staff offering care with unwavering compassion. Easter reminds us that even in the face of immense difficulty, the human spirit can rise, renewed and hopeful.

The Easter story is a beacon of light in the face of despair. It reminds us that no matter how bleak things may seem, there is always the potential for transformation. This Easter Sunday, let us hold onto that promise. Let it be a source of strength for those battling illness, a balm for those grieving loss, and a guiding light for those navigating uncertain paths.

Easter is also a celebration of new life. Just as nature awakens in springtime, so too can we experience a renewal within ourselves. Let us shed the burdens of worry and negativity and embrace the chance to start afresh. May this Easter inspire us to live with kindness, forgiveness, and a renewed sense of purpose.

As the Mildmay community gathers in spirit this Easter Sunday, let us hold onto the transformative power of this sacred day. May it inspire us to share the light of hope with those around us, extending a helping hand, offering a listening ear, and spreading compassion wherever we go.

All of us at Mildmay wish you each and every one of you a very happy Easter. Christian Easter poetry should tell the why and how of Easter. This Christian Easter poem in free verse is a Christian Easter message that sums up the basics of who Jesus is and why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Love

On Easter we celebrate love,

love coming down from heaven,

love blanketing the earth

in a transforming embrace;

unique and infinite love,

giving more than we can imagine

for us, to cleanse our sin,

a perfect sacrifice, Lamb of God,

the walking, talking Word.

He is teacher, role model, friend,

this God in human form,

dying, then rising from the dead,

proving all who believe

will also rise

to have eternal life, with Him,

Lord of all.

Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!

By Joanna Fuchs

We wish you a blessed Easter Sunday filled with peace, joy, and the unwavering promise of new beginnings.


Easter is a significant Christian holiday centred around the belief in Jesus' resurrection three days after his crucifixion. The Bible, particularly the Gospel of John in the New Testament, tells the story of Jesus' death around 30 AD at the hands of Roman soldiers on a Friday afternoon.

Following his burial, Christians believe His follower Mary Magdalene discovered his tomb empty. An angel then appeared to Mary Magdalene, explaining that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Good Friday, a Christian bank holiday preceding Easter Sunday, commemorates Jesus' burial.

But how and why do we celebrate Easter today? Christian traditions often involve church services featuring Holy Communion, baptisms, hymns sung in praise, the lighting of candles, and the presence of Easter lilies. It's important to note that due to England's long history steeped in Christianity, both Catholicism and Protestantism and the King's position as head of the Church of England, Easter traditions have remained ingrained in the culture, even for those who don't necessarily practice the religion.


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