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Do you live, work or socialise in Lambeth? Take part in the My LGBTQ+ Lambeth Survey

LGBTQ+ Lambeth Survey banner

The My LGBTQ+ Lambeth survey is now live and is projected to be running for 3 months.

Did you know that more LGBTQ+ people live in Lambeth than in any other part of the country? Lambeth has some of the most fantastic spaces and venues for LGBTQ+ people to connect, along with many charities that run important services for our community. This is why LGBT HERO, a national health and wellbeing charity based in Lambeth, has teamed up with Lambeth Council to develop a special survey designed to find out what you think about living, working or socialising in Lambeth.

This survey asks about different aspects of your life in Lambeth; Your sexual health, your mental health, your community spaces, your safety, your family, and your health care. This survey is about YOUR LGBTQ+ Lambeth life and how we can all work together to make Lambeth even better for all of us. Let’s build a happier and healthier Lambeth together.

Please answer as openly and honestly as possible. All responses will help the London Borough of Lambeth better support its LGBTQ+ residents and visitors.



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