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Christmas 2021

In Christmas art and carols, a glowing baby Jesus sleeps upon soft straw, swaddled in white germ-free linen. Perhaps a scratch and sniff Christmas card would better capture the authentic Bethlehem experience!

Reality is very different from the fantasy. Our world is messy and broken – fleeing to seek refuge in another land, uncertainty about the future and the hole in our lives at the loss of a loved one. However, what matters most is not what WE do. It’s about what GOD has done for us. Our challenge is to live and proclaim that promise of Christmas.

May our hearts be stirred in our Christmas worship, whether at home or in church. May we welcome into our own world and our wider world, peoples of all faiths and none, of all cultures and from all countries.

Bernie and the chaplaincy Team wish you every blessing for a peaceful Christmas.

Mildmay Christmas Card 2021


Image credit: KaLisa Veer



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