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Chaplaincy monthly newsletter: October 2020

Hello everyone, especially to those of you who have kindly shown such interest in Mildmay Mission Hospital’s chaplaincy page. If you have read the commentary, you will know that in spite of the changes imposed on us in the present climate which have, in many instances, thankfully, been points of growth, we continue as a dedicated team of volunteer chaplains.

Incidentally, we recently received an application from someone who has expressed an interest in joining us. This was a very encouraging response to the volunteer chaplain application form, which we recently added to the page. By the way, the usual procedure is for the successfully interviewed applicant to be inducted generally as well as specifically for chaplaincy pastoral involvement.

In a previous post, you will also find our recognition of those who freely gave such loving, committed service to Mildmay over the years. Due to the pandemic and other issues, for them it was the right time to discontinue. As we miss their presence, the door is always open for their return to us!

Meanwhile, meet our present team of volunteers here. Strangely enough, we ‘see’ each other more regularly when we zoom Morning Prayer with our clients.

If you would like to discover anything more about our involvement here at Mildmay you will find it all on the Chaplaincy pages.

I would add that, supplying you with facts does not necessarily reflect the breadth of the presence of our wonderful volunteers who minister with joy and generosity, obviously enjoying their reciprocal interaction with all at Mildmay.

Lead Chaplain, Bernie Devine SP.

Photo by LeeAnn Cline



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