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Care for our Common Home

I am sure that you are totally aware of what is going on in Glasgow but thought I would continue to send a daily reminder.

"The Conference, devoting the discussions to deforestation today, is happening at a very critical time. I am sure our thoughts and our prayers are with the delegates that we might see them working together as a global family, pledging to make strong commitments for change.

We are thus encouraged to view our planet, in need of and deserving of our protection as physically, our lives are bound up with all of nature.

But, beyond science, it is a question of heart and soul. There is an underlying link, a sharing of consciousness on some level which points to a relationship, a connection. Learning to regard, to live with, to relate to our planet in this way, would stop the exploitation of our common home. Yes, we need governments to work together, making pledges and laws that will bring about the changes in our climate, but, we also need a change of heart. Now is the time to do what we can do with what we have, particularly in supporting our poorer countries. As Hildegard of BIngen (11th century) said, "Human beings are the thinking heart, called to be co-creators in shaping the world."

The above is part of a statement sent by the leadership team in my congregation and I thought I would share it.

Bernie Devine SP, Lead Chaplain


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