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Call for unwanted antiretrovirals and financial donations

You will all be acutely aware of the abominable situation in Ukraine.

If you have not yet seen the initiative from the EACS (European AIDS Clinical Society) Young Investigators (YING) please have a look – they are raising funds and seeking medical supplies for people with HIV in Ukraine and the increasing numbers forced to flee and seek refuge in other nations.

Poland has welcomed more than 500,000 refugees to date and will be the hub for donated medical supplies thanks to the incredible efforts of the Polish AIDS Society and clinicians in Poland.

Whilst discussions with pharmaceutical companies gather pace, any antiretroviral supplies are welcomed. If you have any returned medications, regardless of the expiry date, please post them to:

FAO HIV Consultants

5th Floor Mortimer Market Centre



Finally, if you can afford to, please consider making a financial donation to awareHIV or any organisation working to support those affected by this war.

This piece outlining the challenges of handling well-intentioned donations of goods is worth a read and there is some helpful advice about how to help here.


Posted on behalf of BHIVA and EACS



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