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As of today, Mildmay Hospital is in the excellent hands of our fantastic clinical team

Updated: Feb 7

As of today, Mildmay Hospital is in the excellent hands of our fantastic clinical team and their support staff.

Management and non-essential staff are working from home as the hospital ramps up preparations to admit patients within the next 48 hours or so.

We are planning to admit those HIV patients whose referrals have, until now, been blocked by funding issues with NHS Commissioners. We are taking these patients anyway and will attempt to iron out the ‘difficulties’ later on.

We are doing this to help free up beds in NHS hospitals because, at this time of national emergency, there must be no delay. We must all do whatever we can to help save lives.

We are also likely to be accepting patients recovering from COVID-19 after coming out of NHS acute hospitals.

Last night Mildmay admitted our first COVID-19 patient – a person who is homeless.

It has always been our plan for 2020 to address the urgent need for people who are homeless to receive the highly focused, specialist care of the sort Mildmay provides. This relieves the pressure on NHS hospitals across the capital that, whilst able to treat the illnesses and injuries of homeless patients, cannot safely discharge them back into the communities from which they came. This specialist step-down care is not available elsewhere in London, and the COVID-19 epidemic increases this need enormously.


We have passed 60,000 signatures on our petition to #SaveMildmay, which is amazing! Thank you so much to the people who have added their name.

We are campaigning to ensure London’s only specialist HIV hospital remains open during the COVID-19 crisis, playing its part, but also afterwards so it can continue to care for vulnerable HIV patients.

Please sign and share our petition:




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