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An urban beach in East London plays host to Mildmay’ summer outing for Day Therapy clients

On Friday our Day Therapy clients made their annual summer day-trip, this year choosing to spend a glorious day at Dock Beach, an urban haven created in Royal Victoria Docks. It was a hot day so the grassy canopy area provided a perfect shady spot to sit and enjoy the views as a really wonderful day unfolded.

A special picnic was enjoyed alongside paddling in the pool, relaxing in deck-chars, walking in the golden sand and for those with a head for heights, a 360 degree ride from Royal Victoria Docks over The Thames into Greenwich!

Just some of the feed-back from the day from our clients:

fantastic. Nice.  greatest experience ever.  Very relaxing which improves my health.  Really good mentally, physically & spiritually which is important for us.”

One of our clients is blind and said she found it difficult to explain just how much this day meant to her “I like it.  I liked the cable car.  It felt like I was at home, comfortable.  I thought I was going to be frightened, but it was ok for me, I like it very much and it was very smooth.  Thank you and God Bless.”

The Summer outing is eagerly anticipated and one that brings so much pleasure. A huge thanks to the Friends of Mildmay who funded this trip which enabled this trip to take place and our clients to have a really special day.



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