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A heartfelt thank you from Geoff Coleman, Mildmay’s Chief Executive

January 2021 update from our Chief Executive:

Dear Mildmay Supporters,

This winter has been one of enormous challenges for every hospital in London and across the country. At Mildmay Mission Hospital, we have seen record numbers of admissions, above the previous records set in April last year. But the number of COVID referrals seems to have reached a peak and we are hopeful that over the coming weeks we will begin to see numbers stabilise and start to go down.

So, with that in mind, I want to pay tribute today to the excellent multi-disciplinary clinical team here at Mildmay Hospital who, day in and day out, have striven to meet the unending demands that the pandemic has thrown at them.

But they have not worked in isolation. All our staff, which includes social workers, estates and facilities and many other support staff, have risen to every challenge. Like our fantastic band of hospital cleaners, who can deep-clean a patient room in minutes when it used to take much longer; our catering team, who have met every request with smiles and humility; and our tireless facilities team, who have coped with heating, water, security, call systems, telephone and IT problems and so much more. It has made us much more of a family than an organisation.

I would also like to thank our volunteers and in particular, our Chaplains, who, despite not being able to visit the hospital in person, have kept the lines of communication open and the prayers plentiful, bringing spiritual comfort to our patients. I am proud to be part of the Mildmay family and I thank you all.

I am also thankful for our many supporters, who have provided much additional support through this difficult winter. You are also part of the Mildmay family, and we couldn’t do this work without you. Thank you.

Geoff Coleman MIHM, DMS, MA, MBAChief Executive Officer

Photo by Caleb Chen



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