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Why are we publicising the number of beds available each week at Mildmay?

"We promise to cut waiting lists
so people will get the care they need more quickly."

Prime Minister Sunak

Mildmay Mission Hospital has a significant number of beds that are currently empty and ready to welcome patients who would benefit from our specialised treatment pathways.

These beds could be a lifeline for those patients who no longer require the intensive care provided by our front-line NHS Hospitals, helping to alleviate the issue of delayed discharges and reduce NHS waiting lists. However, this process is dependent on ICB's sanctioning funding for these referrals, which they are often reluctant to do.

Empty beds at Mildmay present a significant financial challenge to the hospital, impacting our ability to continue providing essential care.

It’s frustrating to witness the crisis of increasing waiting lists and delayed treatments that the NHS is currently facing. Most NHS hospitals across the UK are overpopulated, with almost all beds in emergency departments being occupied.


The root cause is late patient discharges. Delays arise when hospital discharge processes are slow, and capacity is constrained in out-of-hospital care. The total number of patients in acute hospitals who were ready to leave but were delayed has increased by 43% from an average of 8,545 patients per day in June 2021 to 12,202 patients per day in September 2023. At its peak in January 2023, there were 14,710 patients delayed in hospital*. 

The overwhelming number of people in NHS hospitals has led to major issues, including ‘bed-blocking’ in hospitals, delays in transit to hospital, and, most frustratingly, blockages for treatment and sending recovered patients home or into the community.

We’re sharing this because we believe we can play a part in supporting the Prime Minister’s key pledge to cut NHS waiting lists. We’re ready and willing to help and will keep voicing this until action is taken.

Mildmay is an NHS-contracted specialist voluntary sector hospital with an extensive history of supporting patients with complex physical and mental health needs and co-morbidity.
Number of empty beds per week

3 April


10 April






Average number of empty beds per month in 2024









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