Mildmay Mission Hospital is at the forefront of specialist service delivery and care, continuously adapting and responding to new, often complex and rapidly changing needs. 

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Looking for a sexual health clinic?

Sorry, Mildmay is an inpatient-only hospital and we don't have a walk-in clinic, but you can find your nearest service using the link below.

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Choosing to leave a Gift to Mildmay in your Will is a great way to support us.

Not everyone who would like to support us in their will manages to do so. Two-thirds of adults in the UK don’t even have a will. ​That’s why we are working with Make a Will Online – to make it simple, secure and convenient for you to transform your intention into a reality. 


Our hospital

Mildmay Mission Hospital has been at the forefront of HIV & AIDS care, treatment and rehabilitation since 1988, continually adapting and responding to meet new, often complex and rapidly changing needs.

We are Europe’s only centre dedicated to the rehabilitation of people living with HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND).