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New Patient stories

Model of a patient on a trolley with a doctor

Mildmay has been caring for people since the 1860s and in that time thousands of people have passed through our doors. Each one of them had their own unique experience of the hospital and its dedicated staff.

Today, we have added "B's" testimonial to the Patient Stories section of our archive and you can read it here:

"I was a patient at Mildmay from 26/12/20 until 4/02/2021 when I was transferred from Royal London hospital after a major surgery as part of my treatment for colorectal cancer. I arrived at Mildmay Hospital with a new stoma and reconstructive surgery that compromised my ability to walk or sit down and was also homeless at the time. I was in a fragile physical and emotional state and will never forget the care provided to me by your staff, particularly Misky. Misky was professional, compassionate, proactive and supportive. Misky created an environment where I felt safe to ask any questions and even cry when it all felt too overwhelming, she helped with the practical things of encouraging me to move my body, shower, and learn my way around the ward. Sometimes I felt embarrassed by my Stoma, but her patience, knowledge and kindness never made me feel like a burden which is something I struggled with after very aggressive cancer treatment. I would like to pass on my deepest gratitude to all the staff who cared for me and especially to Misky for the exceptional care that she provided, I know I would not be in this state of recovery without it and I am eternally grateful - Thank you!"

Read about our history, including many more patient and staff stories on our charity's website.


Image credit: Annie Spratt

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Aug 06, 2022
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