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Mildmay-Pride Heroes 2015

On Saturday 27th June 2015 Mildmay joined Pride London both at our stand in Trafalgar Square and in the iconic Pride march. This year we felt the Pride Heroes theme fitted in so well with our work. We believe all the staff at Mildmay that make a difference to so many lives every single day, are all heroes.

For the very first time, Mildmay marched in the parade which began at Baker Street and finished at Whitehall. It was a wonderful day and London’s streets were filled with colourful flags, music and lively crowds; all cheering on Mildmay and the 250 other groups that took part. Our volunteers wore blue Mildmay superhero t-shirts and crowns to fit the Pridehero theme. We were joined by our very own superhero Colin, who designed his own unique and rather fabulous Mildmay hero costume, turning him ( without the aid of a phone box!) into– Mildmay Man!. (Click onto our Facebook page

As well as being in the parade, we also had a stand in the heart of Trafalgar Square, where there were a variety of entertainment acts including, Rebecca Ferguson, The Tailormade and boyband, Blue. We gave out 8, 000 Mildmay hero crowns to the vast crowds, creating a sea of Mildmay crowns across the lively square. We even had policemen and paramedics sporting our superhero crowns. Once again THE Pride accessory! It was also fantastic to receive so much positive feedback about our work. Many of the people visiting our stall were full of praise for the fantastic work Mildmay has done, and continues to do both in east Africa and in the UK.

Our Mildmay Hero Crowns and our presence in the march was a great way of raising awareness about a very serious issue, whilst at the same time creating a splash of colour and adding to the party atmosphere at this fantastic event!

Once again we thank all of our supporters, from volunteers to trustees and staff who joined us for a very successful Pride 2015 – you’re all superheroes!



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