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Mildmay at No. 10 Downing Street

Mildmay’s charity reception, hosted on behalf of the charity by Samantha Cameron was held to mark 25 years of working at the forefront of HIV services and care.

Mildmay were incredibly honoured to be given such a unique opportunity to talk about our work as Europe’s only centre dedicated to the rehabilitation for people with HIV associated brain impairment. As well as marking 25 years of HIV care in the UK. It seemed like the perfect event to also celebrate the fact that Mildmay are building a brand new purpose built HIV hospital in East London, due to open in 2014.

There is no denying the thrill of walking into Downing Street, through the large black gates, and then knocking on that famous black door. We walked the grand hallway across the black and white flagged floor, then up the elegant staircase flanked with photographs of Prime Ministers past. Our guests were welcomed by an elegant and charming Samantha Cameron and then we were given the opportunity to share our work and talk about how it transforms lives. The mother of one of Mildmay’s patients spoke movingly about her son’s care and recovery at Mildmay “…My son is once again vibrant and healthy, and Mildmay has played a very crucial role in his ‘coming back to life. I am humbled, and deeply grateful for the care they gave to my son, and I am passionate that Mildmay’s very important work receives the support it needs and deserves,  to continue to rehabilitate HIV patients, support families, and continue their everyday quest…”

Mildmay’s new UK hospital will provide more Inpatient beds and greater space for Day Service, enabling us to provide life changing treatment, care and rehabilitation to even more people. Extra space will also give the opportunity to expand existing services and create new, enabling us to continue to meet the complex and changing needs of our clients.

The evening gave guests the chance to meet Mildmay staff and volunteers, who were able to talk more fully about Mildmay’s work and why the new hospital is so important. It was also a unique opportunity to glimpse inside this iconic and historical building, where some of the most important decisions affecting Britain have taken place. To tread in the footsteps of so many, from world leaders, political figures and dignitaries to presidents and royalty made for a truly memorable evening.

Mildmay’s chairman, John Richardson called for support for Mildmay as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our long history of service. He also gave thanks on behalf of the charity to Mrs. Cameron for hosting the evening, and to all the honoured guests for attending.  Mildmay are especially grateful to the excellent team at No. 10 for all their support and hard work that helped to make the evening such a great success.

If you would like to donate to our UK hospital appeal please visit our Donate page.

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