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Happy 74th Birthday to the NHS

On 5 July 2022, the NHS marks 74 years of service.

Formed on the 5th of July 1948, the NHS became the world’s first free healthcare service based solely on citizenship. Mildmay Mission Hospital was part of the NHS from 1948 until 1982, and since the mid-80s, we have supported it with specialist HIV services. Since 2020, we are providing new and innovative pathways of care for the homeless population of London. Mildmay is proud to remain part of the NHS family. The NHS has significantly grown into the incredible service we know and love today. With over 1.7 million staff members, the NHS is one of the largest employers in the UK, and it is the fifth-largest employer in the world. The NHS is a unique and truly special institution, but despite being under more pressure than ever before - like all of us who benefit from its existence - we cherish and celebrate it, today and every day.



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