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Big Lottery Grant, through Awards For All England is supporting Mildmay patient’s to return to

In 2017 we were fortunate enough to be awarded a grant from Awards For All England- part of The Big Lottery.

Almost nine months on we are delighted to report that the new equipment this grant has enabled us to buy has already been of enormous benefit to our patients.

The THERA Trainer Balo is a really specialist piece of equipment and Mildmay is one of the few places where this equipment can be offered as a rehabilitation tool. It supports patients with severe mobility restrictions and wheelchair users to stand giving freedom of upper body movement whilst keeping the person safely supported. This can bring a re-discovered sense of freedom, build strength and confidence, benefitting patients psychologically as well as physically.

Our lead Physiotherapist Blake said:

Thera-Balo Trainer in action

The Balance Trainer has been a pivotal rehabilitation tool for a number of inpatient and day service clients in not only enabling clients to stand safely but build strength in order to progress faster from using a wheelchair to walking. This has had significant impacts on these clients independence on discharge and consequent need in the community. The balance trainer provides a means for wheelchair users to stand safely, retrain balance and gain postural strength/endurance, which would otherwise be very difficult or unsafe to carry out with only hands on therapist support.”

We also have been able to buy a new tread-mill with rails at a better height and improved gradients and a new Concept 2 rowing machine which has magnetic resistance and feels much more natural to use than the old machine. It also has height adjustment so there is the opportunity to use this whilst in a wheelchair, all invaluable additions to our gym.

Our gym is used by both our Day Service clients and our In-patients and plays an essential role in our rehabilitation work. People with complex HIV and HIV associated brain impairment can be affected by physical and cognitive impairment and physiotherapy rehabilitation helps to improve both.

A really huge thanks to the Big Lottery for supporting Mildmay’s work to return patients with complex HIV back to independent living within their community.

Physio from TAHIV BBC



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